Rowland Park Junior Draw

A few reminders to be COVID Safe.

  • ESTA requests all parents check in on arrival using the Service NSW COVIDSAFE Ap
  • Over 16’s must be double vaccinated.
  • All players need to be registered online by Round 2.
  • All players need to use hand sanitiser prior to play.
  • Teams need to play and leave. No hanging around to chat.
  • One parent is permitted per player. Parents need to practice safe social distancing.
  • COVID Officials will be wearing a FLURO VESTS.  If you have any questions, please ask.
  • Click Here for Rowland Park Field Layout

Week 7 – 13 December 2021 – This is the last round so hang around for your Krispy Kreme’s.

For our last week, its a Christmas theme so lets wear our santa hats!!!

* Red Highlighted teams have 2 games in this round. If this doesn’t suit please email

Time Field Opposition Opposition
4.10 1A Road Runners 12G V Burning Burritos 10G
1B The Raptors 8MX V Submariners 8MX
2A Kinderoos 6B V Untouchable Dolphins 6B
2B Green Arrows 10B V Lightning Arrows 10B
3A Diva Defenders 12G V Whopping Whales 12G
4 Rainbow Dodgers 12B V Coogee Cobras 10MX
5 Clovelly Wolves 10B V Untouchable Arrows 12B
6 Can’t Touch This 12B V Flying Arrows 12B
7 Red Devils 14B V Wolfpack Warriors 12B
8 Rattlesnakes 12B V Goobers 14B
4.50 1A Dashing Divas 8G V Kenso Bears 8B
1B Bolts Academy 12MX V Coogee Cheetahs 10B
2A Tiny Tornados 10G V OLR Untouchables 10G
2B Mighty Dinos 10B V The Incredibles 10B
3 Maroubra Fly Girls 12G V Rainbow Daises 12G
4 Electric Arrows 12G V Green Hornets 12MX
5 Sporty Spices 14G V Rainbow Warriors 12MX
6 The Originals 12B V Thunderbolts 12B
8 Ankle Breakers 16G V Vicious & Delicious 16G
5.30 1 Smiling Assassins 14B V Shooting Arrows 14G
2 Leopards 12MX V Panthers 12MX
3 Arma Gotcha 12B V S E F C 12B
4 V
5 Flamingos 14G V Purple Arrows 14G
6 Whipper Snappers 16B V Wombats 2K21 16B
8 Ankle Breakers 16G
Vicious & Delicious 16G
V Wombats 16B